Parker Trade Shows are the southwest’s premier marketplace for jewelry, gifts and accessories. We’re the #1 rated show for a reason – people love the Parker Shows! Our attendees are buyers – those in the trade that are looking for the best products for their retail establishments. Fine and costume jewelry, clothing, accessories, gifts and more. And our exhibitors love the show because we bring in the best and the most buyers. Many make their year by exhibiting at the Parker Shows.

Our attendance is growing. The Parker Trade Show’s new management, Event Show Management, is adding all kinds of “bling” to the shows. With more and a higher quality of vendors, a fashion runway show, an updated look and feel at the show and in our presentation. Direct from the Wholesalers to the Retailers in a  setting that can’t be beat. We challenge you to find a better show, than a Parker Show! Now in San Antonio, Texas, and soon in other prime locations around the U.S.

Benefits of Exhibiting

Parker Trade Shows have been bringing buyers to meet our exhibitors for over 30 years – so we know what we’re doing. We know what our exhibitors want – more qualified buyers, a better selling experience, a low exhibitor-to-buyer ratio so you don’t have so much competition, and a comfortable environment in which to conduct your business. We offer that experience, plus a loyal group of attendees that grows each year.

Event Show Management has taken over management of the Parker Shows starting in 2016. We are bringing our decades of consumer and trade show experience to the Parker Shows. Creating a better look and feel… bringing in a higher quality exhibitor base and attendees… advertising more and better… utilizing digital marketing methods never before seen in our industry… and putting the resources behind the Parker Shows to make them the best ever.

  • You’ll take orders at the show, make contacts, and sell for cash and carry.
  • Only qualified buyers are allowed into these trade shows.
  • Our new digital advertising methods find the best attendees possible. No one else knows how to market like we do.
  • Over 7,000 buyers at each show means you only have time to sell – just what you want to do!
  • High buyer to exhibitor ratio means your booth will stand out.
  • Features like the new Runway Fashion Show that could feature your products!

Who Attends Parker Trade Shows

BUYERS attend the Parker Trade Shows. These are people from Texas as well as the rest of the country look to buy goods and wholesale prices to sell at their own retail establishments. They are owners and buyers for jewelry stores, boutiques, gift shops, pawn shops, spas and more. Anywhere that wants to sell fine or costume jewelry, gifts, fashion, accessories, clothing or other items featured at our shows.

This is a show only for the trade. Only qualified buyers are admitted for cash and carry purchases and ordering. Attendees must prove themselves as qualified buyers by providing proof of their retail business before they are allowed to enter the show. As an exhibitor, this means you are not wasting time with tire-kickers. There’s even a special time just for VIP Buyers to walk the show – these are people that have proven to spend $10,000+ at our shows.

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Excellent management. Excellent buyers. Excellent security. There is not another show like it.

– Parker Trade Show Exhibitor

Its like being in a family. And let me tell you, the customers are quality. Once they like your product and your customer service, they are your customers for life.

– Parker Trade Show Exhibitor